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The Rugby League version of Football's 92 Tour now has 40 stopping points, but knowing the 13-a-side games' propensity for change and weird and wonderful ideas, this could be doubled or halved by the time I'm finished.... or include a trip to Mars ! 

Back in 2006 I decided to have a sporting trip every month, and to give it some purpose, I would do the 92 Football League Grounds, Major Sporting Events, Test and County Cricket Grounds and the Rugby League Grounds of the professional game.

I had been to 20 RL Grounds in the past, many of which are no more, but for My Tour, I would start afresh, and apart from enjoying the sport, I would explore what each town was all about and sample its local delicacies and beer where possible. 

Despite being brought up in a non-rugby area, I had an interest cultivated by a Father who came from a proper Rugby Town. When I started to watch the game in later years, it was natural I should support Oldham - would anyone do it by choice ? I also managed to play the game for a while at a modest level.

Other parts of my sporting tour, particularly the 92, have taken precedence, so the RL Tour is a slow burner. On these pages you can find my take of the RL visits, usually a couple a year.

Last Game ...   Saturday, 28th June 2015

                           Challenge Cup QF

                           Warrington   v  Leigh


                                   at Halliwell-Jones Stadium 


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